What’s your hair type? Here is your how to find.

If you ever wondered how to find your hair type, there are four types of hair patterns, and these can be defined by different types namely straight, wavy, curly, and kinky.

how to find hair type in women

In fact, there are in total 12 types of hair strands, So If you’re wondering how to find your hair type, I can assure, you’re in the right place. Whatever your hair type is, I am here to remind you: it’s beautiful, just make sure you count every hair flip (duhh!).

The universal hair typing system was developed by famous hairstylist of Oprah Winfrey, Andre Walker in which he has developed 4 categories and divided them into three subcategories on the basis of the tightness or looseness of your curls which I have discussed along.

Find your hair type with this comprehensive guide.

TYPE 1Straight Hair
TYPE 2Wavy Hair
TYPE 3Curly Hair
TYPE 4Coily/Kinky Hair

Type 1: Straight Variant

type 1 hair

Type 1 is for straight hair. Straight hairs are usually shiny and are not respondent to curling techniques provided curl holder is applied on the hairs. You may curl your straight hair with this technique without using heat. These are further subcategorized into 3 parts:

straight hair type 1

1A- Straight hair(bone straight) for type 1A is mostly sheen and straight as a stick. It has no curls. The hair is extremely soft, silky and generally lacks volume.

If you have this type of hair, you must avoid heavy serums as it has the most tendency to become extra oily.

The sebum which is naturally produced in the scalp easily and evenly spreads out throughout your hairs in 1A type.  This type of hair can go with a chin-length blunt or BOB haircut to add a voluminous feel or you go for a step hair cut.

1B- These types are slightly bouncier and also thicker than 1A, but often with greasy roots and dry ends.

1C- Thickest among type 1, they are coarse and slightly straight. These are most prone to frizz and dryness. Use weekly hair masks to prevent damage from frizzy static hairs.

Type 2: Wavy Variant

your hair type wavy hair

Type 2 is for wavy hair. It lies between straight and curls, it is neither too oily nor too dry. Wavy hairs are definitive and have multiple bends that happen to be from the roots to the tips.

The perfect looking beachy waves to the undefined waves, these are also subcategorized into 3 categories:

type 2 wavy hair

2A- The gentle waves are loose and coarse, you may boost the thin waves with a light mousse. These are finer and flatter than its higher variant.

2B- The medium-thick waves can be defined by Capital S shape. To enhance its wavy beachy pattern you may use wave enhancing mousse.

2C- The well defined S shape are thick, coarse and can be prone to frizz the most in this type.


Type 3: Curly Variant

curly hair

Type 3 is curly hair, these types of hairs are naturally defined curls just like a spring. These ringlets may need some moisture and care to maintain. Therefore, Moisture can be your best friend in this type.

The pattern for curly hair pattern resembles S,s, and sometimes Z. Its different subcategories are:

curly hair type 3

3A- These loose loops have a wider circumference, S-shaped curls are best suited for loose hairstyles.

3B- The circumference of these curls is medium, slightly thicker than the previous one. You may use aloe vera or shea butter to moisture these curls.

3C- The tight ringlets or tight curls that can be called corkscrew curls are perfectly shaped curls. You may use a leave-in conditioner to untangle. truly the land of curl with tight ringlets.

Type 4: Kinky Variant

kinky hair type 4

Type 4 is kinky hair which has “z” pattern.

Kinky hair is a tightly coiled hair pattern that is often very fragile with high density. They are common in African American women. They tend to dry the most and need extra moisturization.

Type 4 shrinks up to 75% of its actual length. The subcategory of kinky hair strands are as following:

hair type 4 kinky hair

4A- Soft coily hair, avoid tight braids. These curls need a curling gel to maintain the defined texture of the coils.

4B- The wiry hair has a sharp zig-zag pattern, you may use a leave-in conditioner on damp hair and comb them by separating hair sections.

You can see it as spring of ball point pen.

4C- Extreme wiry, this kind is fragile with tight curls. It requires specific care. Shea buttercreams or emollient-rich creams and deep conditioners are helpful in keeping them moisturized. These have fewer cuticle layers than the other hair type.

Just remember the rule of more curls, the higher moisturization hair needs.

My Takeaway

So, as you may now know your hair type. Different types of natural hair needs different kind of care. It is to be noted that a person can have a mixture of different types which are similar to each other in texture. 

I hope I have solved your query on how to find your hair type.

The amount of curl in the hair is actually determined by the hair follicle whereas the shape of the hair follicle determines what the hair type is. The more asymmetric your hair follicle is the curlier your hair will be.

Rest is determined by genetics.

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