How to Curl your long hairs without heat

Restyling your hair once in a while is one of the things all of us love! and curling is a big part of it. Be it giving side fringes to your manes or full bouncy locks, I bet you definitely love to play with it.

curly hairs strand by hairmegood with flexible curling rods for long and medium hairs

Here, I am going to simplify an easy and reliable curling tool and its technique on how to curl long hairs without heat!

As you may refer to my previous blog about 8 heatless curling tools for short hairs, this is your add on valuable guide to those beauties with gorgeous long manes!

And the tool is:


flexible curling rod hairmegood, to curl long and medium hairs without heat

I am providing in-depth information for both premium quality and cheaper alternatives of these so that you may prefer from your choice!

Here we go…

Made from lightweight foam, Flexible curling rods are to create easy, bouncy curls from big to small or loose to tight curls provided the rod type!

No matter if your hairs are straight or type 4c curls, this works!

Of all the flexible curling rods I could find on Internet, this one is the most supreme quality. The investment you have to do is once and you are done for LIFETIME! Plus, this pack of 42! curling rods allow you to whatsoever curl-shape & size you want to give to your manes from tight to loose, all are there at one place.

These curls comes out to be so defined that they may last you up to weeks, provided you have curly hairs.


  • Suitable for both wet and dry hairs
  • 6 of each rod size ranging from 7/8″ 11/16″ 5/8″ 9/16″ 1/2″ 7/16″ 3/8″ 7″ long thick and thin rods
  • Easy to use, flexible yet very firm
  • let curl your long hairs without heat
  • works perfectly on both thick and thin hairs
flexible curlling rods, hairmegood

Even if you lack hairstyling tricks, this won’t disappoint you. These curls lasts up to the next hair-wash, thus you may rock from curly to beachy waves until next good-old shampoo-day!

For soft loose curls, use the biggest diameter rod, and for super-tight curls use smaller diameter ones. 

tight and loose curls from flexible curling rod heatless, hairmegood
curls from smaller diameter rods vs from bigger diameter ones

How to create traditional curls:

If you’re rolling the rod away from your face, as most of you probably will be doing, bend the edges up into a “U” shape.

If you’re rolling the rod toward your face, put them into downside U shape i.e. with the ends pointing down.

The verdict: The tighter you twist with the maximum rods, the more spiral and bounciness you get.

How to create Loose curls:

Hold the thickest flexible rod against your head and wrap it upward with loose ends.

How to create wavy curls:

Twist your hairs around the rod instead of rolling it upward or downward from nearest area of scalp

How to give definite curls to curly hairs:

After slightly dampening your hairs, apply mousse or hair serum(I will provide the best one links at the bottom) and enclose curling rods. Remove next morning or at least after 4 hours.

Cheaper Alternatives:

You can sleep with those and wake up with gorgeous curls by wrapping it with a scarf, T-shirt or sleeping cap, the one I use is:

Or, what My sister do is use the fluffiest pillow to sleep (jugaad we say)

hair curling kids, hairmegood, bhawana mehra, flexible curling rod

Getting away from that endless cycle of heat damage, you can curl your long hairs without heat which is very important for your hairs! Always remember these points for your care regime during curling your hairs:

  1. Detangle your hairs thoroughly before anything!

2. Always ensure that your hairs are partially dampened to give it a shape of your choice, I prefer 90% dry(better spray water).

3. Do not brush your hair after styling, let it sit and comb with a wide-tooth comb (in case you want those beachy waves).

4. Wash your hairs and Apply conditioner to prevent frizz, before styling your hairs.

5. Be patient, depending on the length and texture of your hairs. The curls holding power may vary, use a setting spray if that does to you.

6. You may use alcohol free hair-spray afterwards.

curling rod hairmegood bhawana mehra


Let any product air dry before using it for at least a day. Talking about quality, we spend thousands of bucks in salon to get those curls done but buy poor quality products to do at home which lasts like for years for entire family, Never-Never purchase poor hair serums that may cost your hairs!

For ceremony/outings purpose


Once you get hold on with these heat free styling tools, it will become your second nature to quickly do it! Do share your manes on instagram with the #hairmegood or by tagging me.

Happy Styling!


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