8 Heatless curling tools for short hairs

Curling your hairs instantly change your whole outlook, It is said that your hairs are 70% selfie of yours.

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But, too much heat to your manes strips away natural oil and is one of the reasons behind hair breakage that is a major downside when you consider styling your hairs with a curling iron rod or straightener every day.

Especially if you have short hairs, most of the curling iron rod doesn’t grab the length of your hairs, a straightener won’t pick the tip ends to roll and you are left with an annoyed face.

So, does that mean you to stop thinking about curling? the answer is NO. Here, I am going to provide you list of heatless curling tools for short hairs along with my own experience.

I loved experimenting with it <3 , I am sure this guide will help you change your mind regarding curling your short hairs because #shorthairsdoesglare

As straight hair myself I always wished to have curly hairs once a while(the tragedy of all I must say) these tools have been a lifestyle-changer for me as I avoid heat based styling tools for everyday purpose.

Try it yourself and see what change it does to you.

Heatless curling tools for short hair

1. Velcro Holding Rollers

Very easy to roll and place, these self-holding rollers are perfect for shoulder length hairs in the short hairstyles category!

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You can even give a beautiful wavy look to your hair bangs with the rollers in a downward direction or upward direction in case you want to give it a side fringe.

These handy longtime-favorite velcro rollers are intimidating and can give you that victoria secret look with those voluminous manes without using any clips.


  • Dampen or spray your hairs with water, Roll these velcro rollers bottom-up and away from your face.
  • Leave it for 2 hours and blow-dry(up to you) in cool settings before removing, these rolls will do the rest of the work.
  • These gives you bouncy and loose curling look (more like beautiful wavy pattern), that I’m so in love with. You will see bundles of these over internet but I suggest you to purchase only those which are well tested by users like the ones I mentioned.

If you wish to purchase All in one family pack of velcro rolls in all sizes, this one is for you, these Self-Grip Rollers let you curl no matter how short or long your hairs are!

2. Flexible Curling Rods

For those big wavy manes, these flexible curling rods works like magic and gives you gorgeous curls that can last for days! After removing the rods you will feel the bounciness in your hairs.

Made from lightweight foam these are super easy and works for all hair types. You can even sleep with these by wrapping them with a t-shirt or using a sleep cap.

Flexi rods are bendable in any shape that doesn’t require any pins or clips.

flexible hair curler rod for short hairs


  • Slightly dampen your hairs, section it in 7-10 parts.
  • If you’re rolling the rod away from your face, you’ll need to bend the edges up into the U shape.
  • If you’re rolling towards your face, you will need to put them the other way with the ends pointing downwards.
  • Rub 1-2 drops of argan oil or almond oil into your palms and scrunch your hairs when it’s dry, it will highlight your curls.

3. Spiral curl formers

Though these are for long hairs which will be covered later, you can also use the smaller version of these to give a longitude wave to your hairs.


  • With your freshly washed hairs, squeeze the ends of the curler when taking the curler off, that way you will save it from pulling your hairs. Add small section of hairs into it to provide jamming.

4. Curl Foam Rollers

These soft foam rollers are easy and comfortable on hairs, suitable for all hair types, this innovative no-heat curling tool is lazy-girl friendly 😀 as they can work while you’re sleeping.

The soft and spongy body will protect your head against solid parts of the rollers, these are the modern twist to the rollers we traditionally use for heatless curling tools for short hairs.


  • Dampen the sections of your hairs, open the roller clamp, hold the end of your hairs against the foam roller and roll it over. Snap the clamp back and leave it overnight or at least 3 hours.
  • Always use small sections for a defined curl. You might dry out naturally or use a dryer for quicker action.
  • These are the new obsession for shoulder length or even chin length hairs

Cheaper Alternative:

5. Silicon Hair Rollers

Lightweight and easy to use, application of silicon hair roller allows you to create firm curls, you can even sleep with those by wrapping it with T-shirt or wearing a sleeping cap.

P.S prefer this only if you have straight hair.

Soft and washable these are durable, travel friendly, and easy to clean. You don’t need any pin, clips, or elastic to tie your hairs.

6. Soft Sponge hair curlers

Although an expensive option BUT-BUT these are one time investment for heatless curling tools for short hairs.

These are super safe, child friendly and won’t hurt your hairs AT ALL! This is like buying a straightener or a curling rod but NO-HARM version!

The foam base of these curlers are of great quality (like the ones you purchase for makeup sponge). They create beautiful and gorgeous curls without any much effort.

Detangle your hairs before spraying it with water, twist and wrap in the cap area, let it air-dry overnight, you can even roll it over dry hairs and let it work while you are sleeping with it, the soft foam gives you curls without any hair breakage.

Easy to use, washable and no pins required , it’s smooth and fexible surface protects your hair from breakage.

Another Variety of sponge based hair rollers with good quality is from Generic 6 Pcs/Set Magic Sponge Foam Cushion Hair Styling Rollers Curler Twist Hair Care

7. Cold Wave – Perm Rods Hair Roller 

hair wave rollers for short hairs, hairmegood

Cold Wave Hair Roller with Rubber Band is an amazing hair curling tool. These curling hair rollers give your hair gorgeous volume with bounce.

It works for both dry and wet hair for both long as well short hair. Easy to use, these are very famous for it’s quick action and holding power, a must product!

This particular product is my favorite as it allows you to curl your hairs, no matter even if you have a pixie hair cut or boy-cut! Suitable for both gender.

8. Spoolies

Spoolies are for tighter hair curls and more twists and swirls. This simply needs to twist and wrap around the cap area, let it air-dry overnight.

You do not require bobby pins to hold it, just twist and wrap the parted section of your hairs around the holding area/stem of the cap and fold the top over.

Wear a sleeping cap, these heat resistant silicone can be dried using a blow dry too!


Hair Curlers Pin Clip Fringe DIY Styling Tool Roller Holder

For any hair length from long to very short, this pin is the easiest carrying tool for you.

You just need to dampen your hairs, make a roll of it and wrap inside the pin, either leave it for at least 2 hours or blow dry your hairs for quicker action, as per your convenience.


These heatless curling tools for short hairs of your choice is a must-have one time investment, These no-heat curlers are boon for those hairs that are prone to heat damage thus avoid styling at all. These are Reusable in nature, doesn’t feel heavy on head and can make your hairs presentable with little effort.

So, if you are looking forward to get the best curls of your imagniation without even a hint of heat required, get these beauties and do it yourself.


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