5 ways to use coconut oil into your hairs

Coconut oil is that household item that knows no gender with extremely wide versatility. Using it in cooking, cosmetics, body care to coconut oil hair mask, this is one material that can be found in almost every household.


I’m here to provide you 5 different ways you can use coconut oil among many others (that will be posted time and again), along with its immeasurable benefits for hairs.

Coconut oil is white solid fat that can melt at room temperature and becomes clear thin liquid oil. It is composed of 99% fat with a total of 82% saturated fats and approximately 890 calories.

Coconut oil is a rich source of lauric acid(medium-chain fatty acid), C12, and vitamin E and that is why it is rightly termed as a superfood for your body and hair with its multiple benefits. If you are confused about which one to purchase, I have provided my favorites just after the hair masks.

beautiful strong hairs after shampoo

Benefits of Coconut oil hair mask

1. Anti fungal properties

It helps in fighting hair dandruff, dandruff can be caused by the overgrowth of fungus or yeast on your scalp. You may use coconut oil with tea tree essential oil to fight dandruff.

2. Strengthen hair

Moisturizing hair with coconut oil reduces hair breakage and strengthens your hair follicles. It also protects hair from protein loss, your day-to-day wear and tear, and environmental damage like wind, smoke, and UV Radiation.

Also it provides body moisture: Keeps body soft and supply, prevents wrinkles.

3. Natural lustrous hair

Coconut oil deep conditions your hairs, it moisturizes your hair cuticles by acting as a sealant. If you have a dry scalp, coconut oil is for you.

4. Rejuvenates Hair follicles

Hairs that are damaged by chemically exposed products, UV radiation, and bleach can be treated with coconut oil. It also prevents hair from hair loss and conditions them naturally as said above.

How to use coconut oil?

In order to harness the full power of coconut oil, you may use it as following:

  1. Pre-wash: Massage your scalp with coconut oil before hair rinse, you may use coconut oil up to 2-3 times a week.
  2. Post-wash: After shampoo, apply it to your hair length with just a little amount of coconut oil.
  3. As a conditioner: You may try this, shampoo your hairs and comb it with a pinch of coconut oil through your hairs starting from midsection to the tip of your hairs skipping scalp.
  4. Scalp treatment: In the night, before your bedtime, massage your scalp with coconut oil and use a cap before sleeping.
  5. Hair mask: You may use coconut as a hair mask in so many different ways (I will be updating and writing new posts here and on Instagram regarding different usage of coconut oil with time)

Check these DIYs for now, the simplest ones at your screen:

coconut and castor oil
  1. coconut oil
  2. Castor oil (which one to get? link is here)

Time: 1-2 hours before hair rinse

Coconut oil and onion diy hair
  1. coconut oil
  2. Onion

How to? Solution here. Leave it fir 30 minutes.

coconut oil and tea tree essential

Tired of Dandruff? Try 2 tbsp. coconut oil and 3 drops tea tree oil and leave it for 45 minutes to 2 hours.

coconut oil and ashwagandha hair pack

This is one of my favorites, you can apply it to your face by just mixing ashwagandha and raw milk for glowly skin. The link to this hair mask is here.

Aloe vera and coconut oil for hair growth

If you want your hair to be hydrated with a natural shine, here is your hair mask. Mix these ingredients leave it for 30 minutes and you will be surprised with the results.

Pro Tip: Warm your coconut oil by using a double boiling method or in the lowest flame. You may rub coconut oil for few seconds in your palm if neither.

My top favorite coconut oil:

#1 Oriental Botanics Organic Coconut & Wheat Germ Oil

This is my second purchase, and I am not disappointed (yet again!) The benefits includes

  • Organic, pure and cold pressed oil supports hair growth
  • Natural shine and add volume.
  • Wheatgerm oil is great source of vitamin B6 and vitamin E. it also acts as anti aging agent for the skin.
  • Rich in antioxidants, penetrate deeper into skin and scalp.
  • luxurious, effective and safe.
  • natural leave-in conditioner
  • No additives, mineral oil, SLS, Paraben and silicon.

#2 KAMA Ayurveda

  • This is one of the luxurious organic coconut oil under INR 1000.
  • Perfect moisturizer for your body, end result is the smooth and even-textured body.
  • Best for Baby massages
  • Light, non-sticky, 100% pure and gets easily absorbed.

#3 Maxcare Virgin Coconut oil- VCO (Cold Pressed)

  • When it comes to purchasing all natural single ingredient oil, it is your take, just go for it!
  • 100% Natural, extracted from fresh coconut milk
  • Multiple benefits of cooking, skin and hair
  • Immunity booster
  • Soft and supple, excellent body moisturizer
  • Prevents dandruff and hair fall.
  • Safe for even babies and nappy rashes.
  • cold pressed instead out extraction through heat.

#4 The Body Shop Rainforest Coconut Hair Oil

  • This particular hair oil is a blend of samoa and soya oil from Brazil with organic coconut oil .
  • Delicious scented, 100% vegan
  • multiple use: pre wash, overnight or post-shampoo
  • Treat dry ends making them softer, non greasy texture.
  • suited for all hair types

Difference between refined coconut oil and extra virgin coconut oil

Coconut oil is extracted by either wet or dry processing.

extra virgin coconut oil

The major difference between virgin coconut oil (VCO) and Plain coconut oil is the former is produced from fresh coconut milk and its residue. It is also known as unrefined coconut oil

  • Unrefined
  • Unbleached

The process involves grating and drying coconut and mixing it with water. The final process squeezes out oil from the ingredients.

The second method of processing includes fermenting coconut milk for 48 hours by separating oil and heating the cream.

Lastly, one of the common method is by using the centrifugal force by separating the oil from other liquids.

Refined coconut oil or RBD on the other hand are deodorized, made from copra instead of fresh coconut milk with little or no coconut smell and flavor.

Do you know a thousand matured coconuts combinedly produce approximately 70 liters of coconut oil and 180 kilograms of copra!


Apart from using it as a coconut oil hair mask, you may also use it to fade stretch marks. Use a wide-tooth comb preferably a wooden comb to spread it evenly to your hairs. Get one of these coconut oils and reap the benefits of both hair masks and body moisturizers by yourself.

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