Too much heat to your manes strips away natural oil and is one of the reasons behind hair breakage, Especially if you have short hairs, most of the curling iron rod doesn't grab the length of your hairs & straightener won't pick the tip ends to roll. Here, I'm providing you a list of heatless curling tools.

The importance of drinking water at right time can gradually cure so many problems one faces. There are some rules or guidelines by Ayurveda that depends on factors like your age, diet, lifestyle choices, physical work, climate, and body type. Timely intake can be your key to a perfect body, hair, and health.

Unconsciously or otherwise these routines eventually degrade the health of your hair. Men or women your hair is as precious as your skin, look after it, and kick these habits or hair care mistakes from your life and see the result yourself. Happy reading!

Aloe Vera has multiple benefits for your hair that contains Folic acid, Vitamin A, C, E & B-12. I am providing you 9 foolproof methods to use Aloe Vera as gel, spray, mask, and a drink for your healthy hair.

2020 has shown us the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and these ingredients which are readily available in your kitchen can make your dreamy hair a reality. The common mistake we make in our young age is using toxic chemical products that takes deep root into our body over the time. So without any due, here is the list of 7 items and how to use them for beautiful, healthy and shiny hair.