let's get started with these super easy power pack-hair masks using ashwagandha as the main ingredient and the best hair oils infused with ashwagandha(of course) that can make your hairs go woo-hoo!

The wonder plant is beneficial for your hair, skin, and your overall health. Here, I have written all the other benefits and DIYs for you! Keep Reading.

Do you experience waxy stuff over your scalp that comes off when you scratch? Are you tired of exfoliating your scalp to get rid of nasty stuff that won't go away? That is Scalp Buildup.

Here, I am going to provide you how-to do, when, benefits, and results of balayam yoga for healthy hair.

With the previous blog, you came to know easy steps to create curls at home. Now, I am going to provide you 11 easy DIY hair setting sprays to hold these beautiful curls at one place without using a pinch of chemicals.

Here, I am going to simplify an easy and reliable curling tool and its technique on how to curl long hairs without heat!