Damaging your hair by these habits? Avoid these hair care Mistakes

Unconsciously or otherwise certain routines eventually damage the health of your hair. Men or women your hair is as precious as your skin, look after it, and kick these habits or hair care mistakes from your life and see the result yourself.

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Using shampoo with Toxic Ingredients

Too much shampooing your hair is like drinking 5 liters of water at once and not expecting pee-ing. Everything in excess is opposed to nature and this obsession leads to breakage of hair.

So, it becomes important for us to choose a shampoo with no harmful chemicals like

  • Paraben
  • Sulfates
  • Fragrances
  • Sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS)
  • Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)
  • & Synthetic colors to name.

We need to start reading the labels of our products. Consumer awareness at this time when there are too many competitions, knowing the ingredients is for the best. Check the best shampoo and conditioners I have listed from these links.

chemicals in shampoo

My favorite shampoo and shampoo bars are mentioned below

some of these form less lather than the one with loads of chemicals and that is okay, ultimate purpose of shampooing is to clean hairs.

Heat damage

The heat from hair straighteners, electric rollers, and dryers are eventually destroying the health of your hair. What’s the purpose of presentable hair by using a straightener again and again on the same strand when in the end you are degrading the health of your hair with the daily usage. It dries your hair, reduces its natural thickness with frizziness(the worst part), and has adverse impact on hair strands and follicles. Instead use low heat setting

common hair care mistakes

Hot water bath

Everybody enjoys a hot water bubble bath in winters but do you know it does the opposite and is one of the common hair care mistakes everyone loves to make. It dries your hair and is one of the reasons you loose the natural shine of your hair.

Not drinking enough water

Hydration makes the roots of your hair stronger when done properly from inside and outside. So, drink at least 2.5 liters of water depending on your routine, read in detail here.

Not oiling your hair

Hair needs moisturization as much as your skin does. Oil it ladies! Call you mama for the good old champi you used to have, gossip around and re-live the moment every once in a while. For massaging DIY’s refer here.

Along oil drink Bhringrajasava post meal with 4 TBSP water and 4 TBSP Bhringrajasava, do not eat 1 hour after this, I will be posting my results in next few posts of completing 3 months of process.

common hair care mistakes

Rubbing your wet hair with Towel

Rubbing your hair when it is wet does more harm than good, it messes up the cuticles of the hair causing hair breakage.
Rather use a microfiber towel or good old cotton t-shirt in a dabbing motion to avoid one of these hair care mistakes, also the obsessive touching of roots (not knowing your hands might be dirty) is not good for your hair. Other than these wear a swim cap while swimming and use silky soft scrunchies which reduces damage caused by friction and snagging.


Detangle your hair from the bottom and work your way up to the roots with a wide and smooth tooth comb.
Brushing your hair 100 times a day is a bad habit, It doesn’t give you any shine, instead loosens the roots of your hair. Look into this amazing article that I researched and implemented with all my heart on how to detangle!

You may also use wooden combs for further scalp nourishments and gentle massage.

Overtight Hairstyles

Uptight ponytail, braid, bun, or any hairstyle of that, is a big NO-NO, It stretches the hair follicles, irritates the scalp, pulls the edges of your hair, loosens the roots, causes headache and constant pain, (I had been in the list for so long, The Ariana grande’s famous ponytail, in her interview she admitted how painful it is, refer here!) So, loosen up ladies!

common hair care mistakes

Using too many hair products at once

Overuse of heavy-chemical hair creams, gels, mousse, spray, dry shampoo, etc builds up toxic layers one by one on your hair which causes irritation, hair fall, also makes it difficult to grow new hair.

Stress and Unproper diet

Stress not only affects your mental health but also skin and hair. Work your way, meditate, give yourself some love, take your time out, Consult professionals, talk more, and eat well.


Not removing splitends

Health of your health is far more important than length of your hair, the ends are the oldest and need a good care. Trimming it in a regular interval(preferably every 3 months) is a sign of a good habit.

Stop comparing your hairs with others. start working in yours and fall in love with it, eat good food, live a good life. Share this with your loved ones and follow me on below social media for DIYs, the best of tips, hacks, and styles for you.

with love and wishes.

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  1. Thanks a million!! You’re a life saver.
    Between, could I keep my combs crossed for some suggestions about (post shampoo) conditioners too?!
    And maybe some ready made hair oil mixtures for lazy souls?
    (Ye Dil Mange More ❤️)

    Seriously though, your tips are amazing.. and they make life & hair easier to handle #grateful

    • Sure,
      I’ve been researching about ingredients of conditioners and the quick alternatives plus the ones available in the market. Both the Blogs on quick hair serums and conditioners are coming up soon (really soon), stay tuned.
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