Amla, Bhringraj and Brahmi: The BEST DIY hair mask

It is said that nature never hurries yet everything is accomplished, So is true when you are determined to work on your body with natural herbs with long-lasting results.

In my experience, this DIY hair mask has worked the best till now. So, I am obliged to share the recipe with you.


And do not worry about the ingredients, I will be posting the link to purchase along. Let’s jump to the practical part and then why and when to apply the best DIY hair mask I have ever come across.



  1. Amla Powder
  2. Brahmi Powder
  3. Bhringraj Powder
  4. Coconut oil
  5. Rice


  1. Add an equal proportion of Amla, Brahmi, and Bhringraj powder in an empty bowl according to the length of your hairs. Let’s say 1 tbsp. each.
  2. Pour 1-2 tbsp. coconut oil(prefer melted coconut oil – by double boiling method) and mix the ingredients.
  3. Add half cup fermented rice water(Placing rice in water for 30 minutes and transferring it to the bowl of mixed ingredients).
  4. Mix until it becomes of the same consistency.

Where did I purchase from?

I have used the same ingredients in the provided hair mask, these powder may last you really long.

WHY use this DIY hair mask?

bhringraj oil plant also called as false daisy

In this post of – Bhringraj, I have thoroughly explained why, how, and when to use Bhringraj. Along with the options of the best Bhringraj hair oils available in the market.

To summarize, Bhringraj or Eclipta alba/prostrata which is also known as false daisy, commonly called by white(shweta Bhringraj) to yellowish(peet Bhringraj) flowering plant is beneficial to remove dandruff, prevent premature greying of hairs and baldness.

amla powder for DIY hair mask

On the other hand, Indian gooseberry or Amla is a rich source of amino acid, phytonutrients, and vitamin C which in return increases antioxidants in your body.

It strengthens hair follicles and considerably reduces hair thinning, prevents hair fall, and increases hair growth.

When Amla penetrates into hair follicles it provides extra shine, voluminous and softer hairs.

Amla also has anti-viral and anti-fungal properties that fight fungal infections improving the scalp condition by removing build-up and impurities out of the scalp.

Amla is plucked from the Amalaki plant which is also considered as an ‘elixir for hair’. The nourishing properties as mentioned in Amla can be helpful in many DIY hair masks like this one.

By adding amla in this super amazing hair mask, you may prevent yourself from premature greying, (Along this eat raw amla to treat improper nutrition that results in premature greying of hairs)

Brahmi for hairs mask

Brahmi is known to reduce hair fall for ages now, it deeply nourishes the roots of hairs and promotes hair growth. It is also known as Bacopa monieri or the ‘herb of grace’.

It thicken the width of hairs, providing strength to the hair follicles. Thus preventing excessive hair fall.

Brahmi contains alkaloids and triterpenoids that are believed to activate the proteins in hairs that trigger hair growth. Triterpenes influence collagen synthesis which heals the wound and strengthens hair follicles by supplying blood through the weakened veins.

It is also rich source of Flavonoids, Saponins, Sterols, Betulic acid, Beta-stiosterol, Stimastorol and Bacopa-saponins.

The anti oxidant property in Brahmi rejuvenates the scalp, reduces itchiness, flakes and dryness in the scalp as well as hairs.

rice water for hair mask DIY

Rice water beautifies the hairs, the inositol present in rice water penetrates into damaged hair and repairs it. To make rice water, all your need is two ingredients:

  1. 1 cup rice
  2. 2 cup water

Slightly wash rice to remove any impurities with water, strain it and add 2 cups of water into the rice in a bowl.

Wait until the water becomes cloudy, it usually takes at least 30 minutes. Strain the rice and use it later to cook it up (why waste?).

Now, close the lid and let the rice water sit at room temperature for 12 hours to get it fermented.

coconut oil for hair mask

Coconut oil is the one oil that can be found in every household or used once in a lifetime. It is made of medium-chain fatty acid which is also known as lauric acid. It moisturizes and protects hair from protein loss, UV rays and provides protection from damage.

For this hair mask, it is advisable to leave for at least 1 hour to let the formulation work on your hairs and rinse with mild shampoo.


Feeling ready to use the best ever DIY hair mask and pamper your hairs with the goodness of nature?

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