10 Monsoon hair care tips to control frizzy hair

Frizzy hair and monsoon, it seems the relationship between the two grows at the speed of a lightning bolt. You can not ignore the havoc it wreaks on your hair.

Frizzy hair is when your hair does not feel smooth, individual hair shafts do not align together and the cuticles are lifted/riddled and the inner cortex of the hair is soaked up with moisture content.

No worries, I have compiled a simple guide for you, from tips and tricks to basic hair care for this monsoon season along with the products that might ease your life in the best possible way.

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Monsoon hair care tips

  1. Oil or champi your hair just 2 hours before shower.
  2. Do not miss hair conditioner to tame unruly hair. Do not overuse or overdo, rinse properly.
  3. Wash your hair immediately after being wet in rain to avoid any infection or dandruff.
  4. Use a cotton T-shirt to dry your hair or invest in a good quality micro fibre towel.
  5. Do not tie wet hair, avoid gels of any kind. Let them breathe.
  6. Deep condition your hair once a week, this can be a game changer for your hair.
  7. Avoid drenching yourself in rainwater, carry an umbrella with you.
  8. To prevent limp hair, apply a few drops of serum or argan oil from mid to the tips of your hair with frizz-resistant formula.
  9. Avoid uncooked food and raw veggies without washing. Bacteria and fungus growth are at their peak during monsoon.
  10. Use a neem or rosewood comb to detangle your hair and prevent static damage.

How does monsoon affect your hair?

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Humidity and temperature, these two factors are the main culprit for your Albert Einstein hair in the monsoon! Increased level of humidity and decrease in temperature at the same time imbalances pH of hair and makes the scalp more greasy.

Problems such as dandruff, frizzy hair, frequent tangled hair and hair fall are common during the rainy season. In fact, studies have shown hair fall during the monsoon is 30% more evident than the normal days.

Battle it with the right approach and care products in order to enjoy the season as it is meant to be!

Hair fall in rainy reason

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Also, if you are prone to hair breakage, have extremely dryness and experiencing hair fall, stay clear from colouring or any kind of keratin treatment to your hair during monsoon.

The formaldehyde gas produced during treatment is toxic to your hair and your body. When these toxic chemicals are combined with heat to straighten hair it eventually results in damaged hair. One can experience hair fall after multiple sittings within a few months.

It’s normal to lose an average of 50-100 hair strands a day under normal conditions but you can experience up to 250 strands during monsoon since your hair is exposed to humidity and acidic rainwater.

Causes of hair fall during monsoon:

  1. Humidity: The high percentage of moisture content in the hair causes hair strands to absorb and swell leading to frizzy and brittle hair that leads to breakage.
  2. Rainwater: The water when comes in contact with various pollutants weakens roots and leads to hair fall.
  3. The breeding ground of bacteria and fungi & their deposition on roots.

Hair fall is natural, by taking good care of your hair and addressing related issues you can reduce hair fall problems.

Monsoon hair care products

During monsoon season, our hair turns brittle, frizzy and dry with lost lustre. A few changes to our hair care routine can make you slay your hair game.

To assist you with that, this curated list of products can help you achieve your goals to battle frizz and roughness.

1. A Banana clip or scrunchie

It’s perfect to hold up your hair without giving any pressure to the roots. Meanwhile, Scrunchies can be used as loosely tied low hair bun or a cute ponytail. Always adopt a hassle-free hairstyle especially in monsoon since your hair is weaker and prone to breakage.

2. A good quality serum on damp hair- post shower

Serums can help you beat humidity and cover the cuticle to make your hair look healthy and strong.

You can use argan oil, almond oil any light oil, there are plenty of them available in stores or on e-commerce sites. Mix it between your palms and apply from mid to the ends of the hair in a scrunching motion.

They also help in getting rid of tangles. Thus, great for any season.

3. Completely ditch your poor plastic combs

Picking up a right comb to avoid static charge and frizz during monsoon is the right choice you can make for yourself and your family.

Wooden combs doesn’t have conducting properties of its own thus it gives you considerable bounce as compared to other combs.

Since both your hair and wooden comb have negative charge compared to plastic combs, it glides gently on your hair along with absorbing and distributing natural oils and conditioning it throughout your hair.

Keep these wooden combs handy in your purse. Check out this affordable comb you can get yourself.

4. Oiling for the right nourishment

Natural nourishment by choosing the right oil for your hair is the oldest method to add lustre to your hair and boost hair growth by improving blood circulation. Lately, I have been using this oil, and quite impressed with the quality.

You can also use your regular coconut/almond oil with few drops rosemary essential oil just 1 hour before shower.

You can also use hair oils/hair masks that have neem as their  or do DIYs by yourself.

And remember, not the number of hair products but the right ones play bigger role. The goal of using products shall be to make hair more manageable!


Besides this, keep yourself hydrated, and drink 8-10 glasses of water for your skin and hair.

Monsoon can go harsh, don’t let the rain get you. The key to tame your frizzy hair in monsoon lies in a simple routine. Keep frizzy hair at bay with the provided tips. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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